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Block 5 - Youth Truth Resilience

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One Block Movie Pass

This pass is perfect for friends and family of filmmakers that want to support a certain filmmaker and their work. It takes a lot of labor of love to create a short film and the ultimate gift is the support of our family and friends to watch the fruit of our labor. After choosing this option you will be able to choose the block that contains the film that you want to see. We don’t offer single movies you must choose the block that the movie is in.

This pass includes:

  • The One Block Pass will remain active until November 30th, 2021.
  • Access to the Q&A for that Film Block.

  • Vote for favorite film for that block.

Movie Buff Pass

TIckets are SOLD OUT
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Movie Buff Pass

This pass is great for our Latinx movie fans that are dying to see themselves represented in films produced here in the U.S.A. by Latinx Filmmakers. The access to the blocks will be available for extra days after the festival so you will have a chance to watch all the movies at your own pace.

This pass includes:

  • Access to all the blocks of films
  • Have live access to all the Q&A’s of Each Block.
  • Vote for favorite film of any and every block.
  • The movie Buff Pass will remains active until December 15th, 2021, so the pass holder can watch all the films.
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