Block 8 | Puro Pride

Pool Boy

Directed by Luke Willis

Austin, a college jock home for the summer, unexpectedly develops feelings for Star, his parents' non-binary pool cleaner, and struggles to hide his growing feelings from his clique of straight friends.
I Just Wish You Told Me

Directed by Michelle C. Bonilla

Jessie and Karen have been a same sex couple for thirteen years. When Karen goes into surgery and unexpectedly dies, a traumatized Jessie can’t make sense of it. In her search, Jessie discovers hidden truths that disrupt and shake her confidence in their entire relationship. Based on a true story, I Just Wish You Told Me, shows how betrayals in long term relationships, can lead to wounds that never heal.
Eres Perfecto

Directed by Él Avalon Sandoval Reilly

Santiago always loses to Armando, and it makes them angry. One day, they agree to race, and both of them realize that they need each other.
Valiente (Brave)

Directed by Miguel Melo

When Victor's partner arrives at his house for what seems to be a perfect date, he finds the courage to disclose his HIV status.
Defining Dodo

Directed by Lauren Harris

A gay male character tries to work through mental and emotional wellbeing, as well as finding peace at home and at work, with an ever-present tension from his mother would never accept a gay son. An emotional roller coaster from childhood through adulthood of someone who has grown accustomed to trying to keep up appearances for the sake of honoring family values.

Directed by Fernando Lopez

Set in South East Los Angeles, two estranged highschool best-friends reunite at the novenario ceremony for one of their deceased mothers. Over one night in their hometown, past feelings resurface and boundaries are bent in this slice of life narrative that explores the layers / intersections of machismo, culture and religion.
You Are Enough

Directed by Jacqueline Guillen, Valeria A Avina

When you think everything is wrong, something happens that makes life meaningful again.
Gold Star

Directed by Karla Legaspy

When Iliana dedicates a love song to her teacher during an elementary school talent show, the ensuing homophobic reactions from school officials and her mother taint the experience.
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