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Directed by Katrina Cebreiro

Interviews aren’t easy, especially when they’re for the most important job of your life; parenthood. Set in a dystopian future, where the government decides whether you’re fit to become a parent or not.
Real American

Directed by Jacob de la Rosa, Kathryn Postema

A news producer covers politics in an alternate timeline where aliens came to Earth as refugees. She’s at risk of becoming the story when a divisive politician’s rise to power threatens to expose her deepest secret.
FUNCTIONAL Season 2 (LGBT/ Latinx Web Series)

Directed by Cory Xenos

Guillermo and Jazmyne are two best friends looking to find success and acceptance with the little resources (and sobriety) they have.

Directed by Alex Martinez

Spanky is a dark comedy about a struggling actor chasing sobriety and a grip on his own reality. At his core, Spanky is a good human being, but with a mind in turmoil he is continuously pulled back into his checkered past.
DAD-rahpy - EP 2 - Dear Fathers

Directed by Rick "Wind" Herrera, Alexandra "Cloud" Gutierrez

“DAD-rahpy” follows two Afro-Latino fathers who randomly met on a bench at a children’s park. As they build a friendship they confront their internal conflicts, and the Joys of fatherhood while juggling the obstacles of life.
Friends In High Places

Directed by Christen Celaya

A feminist stoner comedy where two chingonas smoke some prodigiously powerful pot and puncture the patriarchy while mending their love lives, surviving sexist micro-aggressions from their neighbor pinche Peña while fixing their broken air mattress.

Directed by GIlberto Flories

Nutcos tells the story of the many cartels trying to become the top sellers of the famous illegal drink, The nutcracker, in Washington Heights. When the FBI is sent in to stop them a new seller, Palomo Escobar, shows up and causes an all out cartel war.
Black & Brown Poet Series

Directed by Rafael Flores

This episode focuses on Juan Felipe Herrera, the first Latino United States Poet Laureate who shares his inspiring story of growing up as a child of migrant farmworkers.
The Vlogs of a Fallen Influencer

Directed by Stephanie Terrero, Richard Nieves

Social media personality Dawn, reveals that her online life is a sham and decides to put her digital life to an end. She starts by uploading three videos across all platforms and airs her dirty laundry, for her five million followers to see.

Directed by Juan D Herrera, Freddy Falcon

4 unconventional super heros try to save the world one neighborhood at a time
Pandemic and Chill Webisode

Directed by Angelina Villapiano

Pandemic and Chill is a comedy about the misery of dating during the pandemic. The series follows Carla, a single "bad bitch" in her prime, who finds herself utterly alone in quarantine. She resorts to trying all kinds of weird ways to meet someone, just so she can get a little TLC (and some D). In this episode, Carla goes on her first in-person date with a guy she met from a dating app.
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