Block 6 | Las Jefas

Alma y Paz

Directed by Cris Gris

When she learns that her family home is being sold, Alma, an unwavering young girl, defies all logic and odds to protect the memory of her late mother.
My Life Stopped At 15

Directed by Nicole Mejia

A visit to a skate shop triggers Sofia into a world where she must follow the clues to break free from her past.
The Dark Room

Directed by Adrienne Lovette

When adventurous strangers at a psychic party unexpectedly contact the spirit of a young murdered girl, they discover their host's intentions are much darker than anyone first believed.
Miss Panama

Directed by Lamar Bailey Karamañites, Pascale Boucicaut, David Felix Sutcliffe

In 1980, Gloria Karamañites became the first black woman to win the Miss Panama competition, despite pageant officials maneuvering to deny her the crown. Reflecting on this history, her daughter Lamar meets characters who watched the competition live, and talks to friends and family who knew Gloria then and now, ultimately painting a vivid portrait of a country struggling with its own identity.
Cheyenne's Story: Our Stories In Vivid Color

Directed by Moni Vargas

Cheyenne is a Latina woman model, actress, writer, student, and accessibility advocate. As a wheelchair user, she has competed in the Jr. Paralympics in track for 12 years and has a passion for media representation.
When You Clean a Stranger's Home

Directed by Sharon Arteaga

A cinematic essay where Abby, a first-generation high school student describes what her and her mom learn about people when cleaning their homes. House decor and items left around convey a privilege that unveils Abby’s imagination, jealousy, and frustrations.
CULT: Fear is NOT of God

Directed by Swisyzinna

While searching for clarity in her sexually tormented life; Sicily comes across Pastor Evans who promises her redemption if she chooses to join his flock. However, joining his flock means they’ll both get something neither expected.

Directed by Paula A Cajiao

After 2 years of unsuccessful treatment a combat veteran suffering from “Battle induced stuttering” discovers a controversial drug banned since WW2 that’s has the possibility to cure him.

Directed by J.Sean Smith

Inspired by coming of age cult classics, #Whitina is a film about exploring the crossroads of the inner and outer struggles of being Mexican-American against the backdrop of a social media obsessed society. High School cheerleader and whitina (white acting Latina) Genesis Valdez is forced to go on the run with her two former best friends (Bella and Chris) after a confrontation with undercover I.C.E. Agents. The altercation is filmed by two middle schoolers and the group goes #viral. While on the run Chris reveals he is a dreamer and could get deported. Genesis makes a decision to help Chris escape and learns what it really means to be "down for La Raza."
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