Block 5 | Youth, Truth & Resilience

Letter of Wreck

Directed by Gustavo Guardado, Jr.

An undocumented high school senior, Elena, gives tips on how to get her professionally frustrated History teacher to write her a much needed letter of recommendation for college. Her teacher, Paco, in turn gives tips on how to avoid student requests so he can focus on being a lazy teacher. It's a story which juxtaposes two generations of Latinos struggling in completely different ways, and comedically shows our current challenges in the world of education.
Team Meryland

Directed by Gabriel Gaurano

Born and raised in the Watts projects of Los Angeles, twelve-year-old Mexican-American boxer Meryland Gonzalez fights in-and-out of the ring for her dream to be crowned the 2019 Junior Olympics champion.
Death & Deathability (A Period Piece)

Directed by Maria Victoria Ponce

Ambushed by her first period, Ceci calmly concludes she's dying. Yet she doesn't want to bother Dad with it, so she prepares a bucket list (including her first real kiss) and her funeral, because death should be an art.
Remember When

Directed by Paola Ossa

A 12 year old boy is left with the responsibility of taking care of his rebellious younger sister. Their sibling rivalry is put aside when she goes missing leaving him panicked considering the dangers of this unknown trailer park community. "Remember When" stars Shakira Barrera from Netflix's Emmy nominated show GLOW and IT'S BRUNO and Olivia Perez from Warner Bros. IN THE HEIGHTS. It's written, directed, and co-produced by Paola Ossa, a queer, latinx immigrant, and DGA student award winning filmmaker.

Directed by Sandra Portal-Andreu

CIRCA is a postcard to the world from the children of Miami-Dade County. Being ground zero for the effects of climate change, the film shares the visions of the future from over 37 children between the ages of 7-18. Interviews and drawings depict what Miami will look like in 2050. From grim predictions to offerings of hope, the next generation has much to say and it is time that we listen.
Beat Lingo

Directed by Jose Navas

Suffering from mutism has kept this reserved teenager quiet his entire life. After years of homeschooling, he faces his biggest challenge yet - real school. Suffering from mutism has kept this reserved teenager quiet his entire life. But Marcus holds a special gift that he's been hiding from the world.
Mi Amor

Directed by Yeniffer Behrens

A romantic dramedy set in Los Angeles. JONATHAN, a fifteen-year-old intelligent young man meets the new girl in school sixteen-year-old RAQUEL, a beautiful young lady. They’re always the last two students to be picked up after school. Jonathan and Raquel connect when they learn that their parents are from the same city, Miami . One day after school, Jonathan’s mother VERONICA has a fender bender with Raquel’s step - father RAPHAEL. Shock appear on all their faces from realizing they know each other from their past. As the story unfolds Veronica is faced with a decision to reveal the truth
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