Block 3 | In a Pandemic Era


Directed by Jeff Torres

Jeff is trapped. Whether it’s traffic, work, April 2020, or his phone, he's learning his environment might not be what's holding him back.
El Montaje (The Montage)

Directed by Ed Trucco

In the midst of loss & grief, a Tango dancer rediscovers the true healing power of music & dance.
Second Responders

Directed by Julissa Xena Delacruz

Meet four “second” responders employed at St. John’s Episcopal Hospital in Queens, NY, where the first case of COVID-19 was diagnosed in NYC. While doctors and nurses are rightfully praised as heroes, the support staff at St. John’s --the Head of Security, a Janitor, a Logistician, and a Chaplain— must also bear witness to the untold ravages left in the wake of a worldwide pandemic.
little bean

Directed by Adrienne Lovette

Winner of the SUNDANCE Co//ab May 2020 film challenge, In memory of our little bean, this is a story about a mother's loss during a time of loss — made in quarantine during the Covid-19 Pandemic.
Into the Aftermath

Directed by vagabond

Caught between a global pandemic that's shut down New York City and Black Lives Matter protests clashing with police, Omar fruitlessly struggles to find a test kit for his wife, Carla. Meanwhile, Carla suspects that she's been infected by the virus and she convinces Omar that if she's going to die it'll be on her own terms.
Amor en Cuarentena

Directed by Eugenia Renteria

Emi feels stuck in a box and either out of boredom or desperation, she starts looking for love… virtually. What can go wrong?

Directed by David Har'el

A man struggles to find purpose and inner peace in a world where a virus has eradicated all humanity. He finds hope in things he finds along his excursion to keep him going until he realizes a dead girl's journal is the one thing that ultimately leads him to what he has been looking for.
Everything but Fear

Directed by Bryan TwZ Brousseau

A short documentary about the life of boxing trainer Francisco Mendez, who immigrated from a small town in Mexico, achieved his American Dream of opening a boxing gym, but then faced his greatest challenge — COVID-19 during the height of the pandemic in New York City.
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