Block 3 | Music Videos

Mi Sueño by UltimaNota

Directed by Edgar Marcano

Mi Sueño (My Dream) is a tribute to immigrants who have made incredible sacrifices to come to this country and build up our city, but often have to live in the shadows due to our broken immigration system.
New York Tango by mister pablo

Directed by Pablo Raul

Tango/ballad that explores a failed relationship between an Argentinian American man and an African American woman in New York City
Deja Vu by Pau Mor

Directed by Alejandra Hinojosa

The feeling from within when you think of a person that you are falling for, starts from within and exudes outwards.In DÉJÀ VU, Pau touches on the idea that people might think she is crazy for falling so quickly, but this feeling is one that few people get to experience.
Tre Flip Funk by Radio Tierra

Directed by jose rocha, Sarah Rocha, Joe Rocha

Music video of the song "Tre Flip Funk" by San Antonio recording artists, Radio Tierra that appears on their debut album, Human Music.
Saturday Afternoon Kung Fu Theater by The RZA

Directed by Danny Hastings

Fate of the World by The RZA

Directed by Danny Hastings

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