Block 2 | Alumni Spotlight

Wound Riders

Directed by Angel Barroeta

When a young woman ventures into the unknown night, unexpected obstacles and the tantalizing distractions of creatures of the night transform her mission into a journey of self-discovery. Surrounded by throbbing humanity, she stands alone until she finds what she is looking for.

Directed by Osvaldo Ozuna

A haunting story of family separation.
He, The People

Directed by Brandon Hugo Arroyo

Watergate Security Guard attempts to share his plight with journalist Shannon Moore.

Directed by Carlos Carrasco

A Veteran returns home to surprise his daughter at school and gets his own surprise.

Directed by Blake Vaz

Field technician, Lillian Romero, is sent out to diagnose an error from her company's home assistant device L.U.N.A. When she arrives she discovers this is no ordinary error...or home. Inside she meets Jaime and Sarah Campbell, who are having an issue with their home assistant device, L.U.N.A. Only this visit is not like the rest as the device beckons her deeper into the house to reveal the home's true secret.
Ghazi Shabazz Omair: Comfortable

Directed by Enrique Lebron

Music Video
Picking Daisies

Directed by Leonardo Santaiti

After the death of his grandfather, the executive creative director of a high-end advertising agency must pick between the life he loves and the person he wants to be -- side effects may include: loss of erection, enlarged success, and broken hearts.
Till Dawn

Directed by Juan Gil

A father on the edge faces off with an unexpected guest in his brother's home.
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