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Directed by Brend Raquel, Ivan Castillo

Long time friends and colleagues find themselves at war when they each try to get the hottest Christmas toy of the year for their own kid. When the they finally come to their senses about not spending Christmas Eve together as usual, they must set aside their pride and let the Christmas spirit bring them together.
Television Star

Directed by antonio De La Cruz

The wife of an acting teacher pretends to be a television star.
Pay It Forward in Death (1-3)

Directed by Maria Palacio

Pay It Forward in Death is an episodic web series of three young women living in NYC taking matters into their own hands as they get rid of those they deem unfit. They are brought together by trauma & grief. They have suffered under the hands of someone and they find solace in each other as well as an unknown Radio Host.

Directed by Joris Reynaud

A Latina Chef uses the ingredients of life to conquer her fears, make her dreams come true, find love and deal with her mental health issues; all while discovering her own lane.
Most Likely To (Pilot)

Directed by Vanessa Rae Lerma

When a private chat message gets sent to the entire virtual classroom, high school Senior, Rollie, quickly spirals out of control. His best friend, Zaine, is determined to help him get with his crush- the senior class president, Valerie. Friendships are tested and love triangles ensue. With the help of her two friends, who will Valerie pick to be her date to prom?

Directed by Carlos Cardona

It's 1987. Chiqui and Carlos immigrate from Colombia to the United States to find a better life for themselves and their unborn son. Upon their arrival in Newark, New Jersey, they find their vision of the future is more complicated than they thought.

Directed by Victor Cruz

TITA is a no nonsense South Bronx Nuyorican Native, who fights for community and family, while dealing with the transformation of her life at 62.
DominicanYork Series (Season 2)

Directed by Ariana Rodriguez

Border'd (Two Episodes from Season One)

Directed by Lauryn Lugo

A trio of Latinx siblings reunite in their suburban hometown following a family tragedy, forcing them to confront their ignored culture, past failures and hidden secrets.
LA LOCURA: The Madness 30mins PILOT

Directed by Sam Cadman

Trapped by his parents in Palm Beach Florida, Brooklyn hipster, Rodrigo Morales is trying to find love and happiness amidst a family dealing with Alzheimer's.
Bloody Maria

Directed by Iris Almaraz

Cold Open, Hollywood, California, 1944. Lupe Velez commits suicide by overdosing on pills. In her final desperate moments, she ignores the warning of the Virgen de Almas Olvidadas and summons the evil spirit of Bloody Maria who traps Lupe’s spirit in an enchanted mirror.


Two girls discover their apartment is haunted. They hire a medium to extract the ghost, only to discover he's not a scary ghost, he's a hot ghost.
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