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Directed by Romel Rodriguez

A struggling Latino entrepreneur starts a professional cockblocking business in order to help his mom buy her dream house in Florida.

Directed by Wojciech Lorenc

An intimate portrait of a boxing gym in a small town of Conroe, Texas. The film is constructed as an allegory for the challenges faced by people of color and immigrants in the US.
Welcome To Our World

Directed by Alfredo Ramos

No synopsis submitted.
Love and Baseball

Directed by Steve Acevedo

A spark ignites between Will Reyes and Michele Wyatt after a chance encounter, but due to poor timing and the intrusion of reality they strike out twice. If fate gives them another chance at the plate...will they hit or miss?
Venus de Macho

Directed by Danny Hastings

Venus de Macho is a spicy American Latinx gender role reversal comedy about men looking for love, respect and support in a bizarre matriarchal world that very much reflects the patriarchy and machismo that has plagued our community. A roller coaster of laughs by emerging American Latinx Comedic Talent.
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