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Directed by Marc "GIVE.ME.MAS" Sanchez

A journey across the desert leaves two individuals with hopes and dreams but with a tough decision to make. (Animated short film)

Directed by Kristy Guevara-Flanagan, Maite Zubiaurre

Along the southern border in Arizona, it's estimated that only one of every five missing migrants are ever found. This is the story of one group of searchers, the Aguilas del Desierto, themselves largely immigrant Latinos. Once a month these volunteers set out to recover missing loved ones referred to them by word of mouth, phone calls, or Facebook message. Amidst rising political repression and cartel violence, as well as the eternal difficulties of travel in the Sonoran Desert, the Aguilas carry out their solemn task.
A Real Job

Directed by Nicole Romero

13-year old Mia just wants to fit in and walk home with the cool girls at school, but with ICE Raids taking over her neighborhood, she is stuck walking home with her paranoid mother.
At the Wall

Directed by Sandra Varona

A poem by two Mexican-American college students, both daughters of immigrants, who bravely speak on the recurring and painful situation at the Mexico/US border.
Día de Las Carpas


A little girl escapes deportation by becoming a mermaid. After an immigration raid in their apartment building, a group of boys help an undocumented girl get to the beach to reunite with her family, unaware that their new friend has a magical secret that will change their lives forever.
No Soy Óscar

Directed by Jon Ayon

A first-generation Latinx father journeys through unrecognizable, unceded lands in the border regions between the U.S. and Mexico in search of the place where Óscar Alberto Martínez Ramírez and his young daughter Angie Valeria drowned.
Disrupted Borders

Directed by Alejandra Aragon

This is a coming-of-age story about two best friends living on the US-Mexico border in a scarred landscape of racial tensions, family wounds, and lack of opportunities as they embark on their extraordinary journeys in 3D innovation and artistic creativity to heal themselves, their families, and their community.
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