Block 13 | Excursions in Arte


Directed by Daniel Larios

Two Salvadoran women, one a first generation indie-pop singer, and the other an immigrant bathroom attendant at an LA nightclub, bond over their different troubles and their mutual love of music.

Directed by Morris Callegari

Jerry missed his train. While waiting for the next one, drowsiness sets in and he notices the BART station display poking fun at him. Realizing his mind is playing tricks, Jerry lays down to rest his eyes and is awoken by a school of glowing fish. This catapults him into a journey through his subconscious, exhibiting his conflicting emotions of panic and calm.
Joy in Music

Directed by Mark Kohr

Joy in Music is a short music documentary about the joy of learning, teaching, and playing traditional music. The film provides an inside glimpse into the transmission of cultural arts traditions and skills across generations. Lucina Rodriguez, master artist at Los Cenzontles Cultural Arts Academy, guides teen sisters Divina, Camila, Belinda Ortega, and newcomer Cruz Torres in the recording of the popular Mexican song "Llego el Lechero."
Living Altars

Directed by Peggy Peralta

Living Altars is a short film portraying wearable Day of the Dead altars of two artists, Marie-Astrid Do-Rodriguez and Eli Reyes in their Covid-19 era living installations. The film depicts the artists wearing their altars, created with mixed folk arts media while narrating stories of family, grief and consolation. Do-Rodriguez and Reyes could not create an in-person community altar because of Covid-19 restrictions, so the filmmakers were invited to create a film to convey their creative process and stories of loss, gratitude and healing.
Poster Boy "Left On Read" A Tribute to Alanna Gabin

Directed by Enrique Lebron

Documentary short of NYC street artist/vigilante and his journey on an installation in remembrance of his good friend Alanna Gabin who past away in 2021.
The Beginning is Near: The Art of Vincent

Directed by Ray Santisteban

Vincent Valdez is an American artist born in San Antonio, Texas who focuses on painting, drawing, and printmaking. His artwork often emphasizes themes of social justice, memory, and ignored or under-examined historical narratives. Vincent Valdez is most recognized for his monumental portrayal of the contemporary figure. His drawn and painted subjects remark on a universal struggle within various socio-political arenas and eras.
My Mud, My Hillside

Directed by Julia Mendoza Friedman

My Mud, My Hillside is a film about a Puerto Rican community engagement artist who spent ten years painting one mountainside village green. The film touches on themes life post-Maria, American colonialism, and the magic of community resilience.
Messiah - The Resurrection

Directed by Andres Rivera

Los Angeles, CA (June 29, 2021) – Following his triumphant return with hit single “Millonario” featuring Nicky Jam and Ozuna, Harlem bred-Dominican born Latin trap pioneer Messiah, releases an intimate and vulnerable self-reflective documentary about his personal journey and artistic trajectory. The 14-minute-long biblical themed video piece takes us through the whirlwind of Messiah’s life from his upbringing in Dominican Republic and Harlem to his downfall and comeback as an artist.
Los Búmerans - Extraña Suerte

Directed by Juanchi González

A serendipitous encounter through the headlights of a car creates an unexpected connection between two strangers.
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