Block 12 | Urban Encounters


Directed by Paula Cajiao

After a long day at work a man walks into an after hours bar for his last drink before heading home, there he meets someone that is not who he expects to be.
Burn, Baby, Burn

Directed by Janthony Roman

A chef is asked to cater his ex’s wedding. Let the good times roll. Burn, Baby, Burn is a romantic dark comedy about not letting go.

Directed by Juan C. Linares

Annoyed with people constantly mispronouncing his name, a white-passing Latino must assert his identity.
Never Too Late

Directed by Guillermo Alfonso

Never Too Late is short biopic about passion and determination. We find ourselves face to face in the ring with Ulysses “The Monster” Diaz as he tells his incredible story of pain and perseverance. Diaz is an accomplished boxer and a bare knuckle fighter most famously known for holding the world’s fastest knock out in sports combat history ( 3 seconds!) made official by Guiness World Records.
In Broad Daylight

Directed by Alex Ferrufino

A Los Angeles Sheriff's Deputy is faced with a life-altering decision after following his training officers' unwarranted orders.
Grandes ligas

Directed by Edgar Nito

Music video featuring Lupillo Rivera, Snoop Dog, B-Real, Santa Fe Klan, Aleman
The Yellow Bicycle

Directed by Mickey Nedimovic

Lorenzo, a street flamenco guitarist, goes to great lengths to meet the woman of his dreams when he sees her riding a yellow bicycle.
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