Block 1 | Native Tongues

Painter of Dreams

Directed by Gabriel J. Medina, Marcus Cisneros

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Can't Have It Both Ways

Directed by Morningstar Angeline

‘Can't Have It Both Ways’ is a short, comedic and poignant musical film that navigates an uncomfortable conversation between a Latina woman and her white male counterpart on a first date. Upon realizing their political differences, the romance comes to a screeching halt, when the woman bursts into song to express her views on minorities and/or marginalized communities, LGBTQ+, and women’s rights. Through an energetic pop anthem she addresses her date’s blind spots and challenges his ‘Nice Guy’ persona, declaring “You Can’t Have It Both Ways!”
This is the Way We Rise

Directed by Ciara Lacy

THIS IS THE WAY WE RISE is an exploration into the creative process, following Native Hawaiian slam poet Jamaica Heolimeleikalani Osorio as her calling to protect sacred sites atop Maunakea, Hawai`i reinvigorates her art.

Directed by Michelle Hernandez

A Native American family confronts the harsh reality of being split apart from their daughters.

Directed by Justin Deegan

A post-apocalyptic film about two indigenous men existing in the aftermath of colonial America. Totems represents a slice of the sub-conscience mind of the modern day indigenous man. After 528 years, The Id (Ben Dupris) and the Ego (Ajuawak Kapashesit), must find a new way of existing in their colonized Turtle Island, territory of Seattle.
Chuj Boys of Summer

Directed by Max Walker-Silverman

Speaking only his native language, a Guatemalan teenager begins his new life in rural Colorado. A true story starring those who live it, this is the first film made in Chuj, a Mayan language. Winner: SXSW Special Jury Award Winner: National Board of Review Student Award Winner: NYU Graduate Film Wasserman/King Award Made possible though the assistance of: - Jeff Lima Production Fund - Flies Collective Film Grant - Panavision New Filmmaker Program - KODAK Scholarship Program - NYU Graduate Film
Made In America

Directed by Armida Lopez

After fleeing their home country of El Salvador, a mother and her daughter struggle to make a new life in America when an act of kindness from a stranger alters their lives forever.
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