BLOCK 9 - Comedy

Louey & Bri TV | 5m

Directed by Oliver Ponce

Sketch comedy web series starring Luis Guzman and Bri Smith where every episode is standalone and packs a punch! Check out all 5 of our episodes in the playlist we’ve included in our project file.
Soft Shell | 7m

Directed by Jan Bross

After being dumped by his girlfriend, a man becomes strangely infatuated with a plush toy lobster she left behind.
Cocotazo | 7m

Directed by Brandon Hugo Arroyo

Escaping her apartment, relationship, and life; Rosario, anticipating a hiking trip with her brother, heads upstate only to find that convincing him to join is now an added stress.
Brandi Finds God | 10m

Directed by Gonzalo Cordova

Brandi, a free-spirited woman, stumbles home on a Sunday morning, slightly drunk, and finds herself attending service at a Spanish-speaking, Pentecostal church. She befriends Catrina, a teenage girl going through a cultural crisis of faith. Brandi becomes the devil on her shoulder, persuading her to follow her rebellious impulses. Catrina is torn between her ties to her community and the desire to join the outside, secular, Americanized world.
The American Dream | 5m

Directed by Baldev Sandhu

Three immigrants about to cross the border sit around a fire and discuss what "The American Dream" means to them.
Alba’s Kid | 11m

Directed by Alexis O. Méndez

Gina is a young woman who doesn’t have luck with love, but when she travels to Puerto Rico to visit her mother she finds herself dating once again.
South of Sunset Episode 2: The Salsa Chronicles | 12m

Directed by David Tripler

After a mishap from "Episode 1 Fake Mexicans" between Jennifer and DJ, Jennifer isn't getting additional brownie points for making salsa and grandma is letting her know. To continue the egging on, her girlfriend say that's why she can't lock down DJ. Guilting ensues, she reaches out to DJ, which results in another potential mishap.
Hasta Domingo Soy Gringo | 16m

Directed by Daniel Novarro

Teleported to an unfamiliar world, an insecure teenager must chase after his kid-genius stepsister and return her home before their mom gets back from dinner.
Taboo | 20m

Directed by Jato Smith

According to the Unofficial Etiquette Book for Blacks, everything is open for consideration, but homosexuality and interracial dating. Kevin unwittingly learns this difficult lesson when he introduces his significant other to childhood best friends.
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