BLOCK 8 | Docs

Future Ancestor | 10m

Directed by Josue Rivas

Indigenous scholar and poet Lyla June challenges the status quo when she decides to run for House of Representatives in New Mexico’s District 47. Future Ancestor follows her through a 7-day “fast for the future” on the steps of the Capitol building. Fueled by prayer and bone broth, Lyla is an unlikely candidate who reveals a new vision for leadership, urging us to “think seven generations ahead.”
Mambochella | 12m

Directed by Fabian Cardenas

Mambochella takes viewers on a rhythmic journey, following a never-before-seen gathering of award winning artists from every corner of the world, combining their talents to produce an album that pays tribute to Mambo’s golden era while reinventing its eclectic elements, inviting all generations cross-culturally to move to the same vibrational tune.
Día de los Muertos | 15m

Directed by Cortez Kenton Campos

Every year, on November 2nd, Mexico celebrates Día de los Muertos (The Day of The Dead). On this day, streets blossom with flowers, skeletons walk among us, and parades overrun the cities as residents honor their dead families.
Going Natural | 9m

Directed by Michelle Martinez

Six women share their journeys transitioning from relaxed to natural hair, a true labor of love many women in the African diaspora are familiar with. The tales are tied together with a curl-celebrating fashion shoot directed by AGCreativ.
Xilonen | 5m

Directed by Stephanie Garibay

Diana Hernandez shares her experience becoming a Xilonen during the Ceremony of Tender Corn.
A Mi Matria | 27m

Directed by Rafael Flores

An experimental political essay about a Chicano filmmaker escorting his Mexican grandmother from Tijuana to Newport Beach, California; the place she was intimated into leaving over 85 years ago during the U.S. sponsored effort: OPERATION WETBACK. Through this emotional journey the grandson learns about his grandmother’s struggle to validate the memories of a history that is being erased, and that his homeland is not Mexico… it’s California.
You Have To Go For It | 7m

Directed by Julio Mendez, Kristy Espinoza

Living on what you are passionate about could be unattainable.
The artist Jorge Torrealba tells us, from his experience, that fulfilling this dream is possible, only “We Have to Try”
La Tienda – Letra Chueca Press | 7m

Directed by Karina Lomelin Ripper

A short documentary that tells the story of two printers (Camila Araya and Daniela del Mar), hailing from Chile now based in Portland, Oregon. They share their journey to create bilingual art that intertwines social justice with the craft of letterpress printing.
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