BLOCK 6 | Drama

Mni Wiconi: Water is Life | 3m

Directed by Miguel Antonio Genz, Jeremias Galante
A short film on the environment and how the fossil fuel industry is affecting climate change. It’s a black and white hand drawn film dedicated to Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Dakota Territory. The main theme is about the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). The intention of the film is to create social awareness regarding contamination of natural resources.
Great America | 15m

Directed by Angelita Mendoza
Jay is the leader of a militia of citizens that detain immigrants crossing the U.S./Mexico border illegally. His world is turned upside down when an illegal immigrant and his young daughter break into his home.
Unlovable | 5m

Directed by Carmen Corral
Mor, a young woman caught in a cycle of abuse, examines what it means to be loved.
Mirage | 9m

Directed by Luis Ramon Quintero
“Mirage” is a magic realism tale about a little girl who spends her time daydreaming and fantasizing of exotic locations as she hopes to be reunited with her parents while being held captive by US border agents.
Adjunto | 18m

Directed by Felix Piñeiro

Benito is a struggling artist and heroin addict in recovery. Hurricane Maria has just struck his homeland of Puerto Rico. All the phone lines are down making it impossible to contact his family. His mentor, Julian offers him a job as an adjunct professor. The only problem is that Benito’s greatest fear is public speaking.
The Island | 12m

Directed by Aimée Schaefer

When his friend goes missing in the summer of 1989, Jimmy learns that the Island isn’t the only thing that’s changing. Based on true stories from the community of Roosevelt Island, NYC.
Sweet Bread | 30m

Directed by Albert García Beltrán

A young couple on a first date decide to hang out all night in order to buy fresh pan dulce from the local Panaderia when it opens first thing in the morning; but due to a case of mistaken identity, coupled with being chased by a psychopathic cartel member, the night violently comes to a bloody head.
We Were Kids | 11m

Directed by Matias M.R.
Celeste, a Latina teenager, loses her childhood innocence and comes to terms with her status as a person of color after an adult pulls his gun on her best friend.
The Fall of a Sparrow | 15m

Directed by Jose Rivera

Nicole is 12, black, and has lived all her life in the haunted apartment that Lily, white and pregnant, wants to buy for her new family. This taut, 2-character ghost story, set on the day they meet, explores the emotional depths of their rivalry and unlikely friendship, examines the silent costs of gentrification and asks the question: who really owns the spaces in which we live?
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