BLOCK 4 | Drama

Mitch Ferrada-Before | 4m

Directed by Andres Merlos

Music Video
“It’s Lawr-uh Not Laura” | 20m | Premiere

Directed by Angela Pedraza
Prom queen wanna be Laura is forced to take a trip to Colombia that might put her friendships at risk, but after developing the forgotten film in her grandfather's camera, Laura's unwanted trip turns into a self discovery adventure.
Abstruse | 17m

Directed by Gabriel Garcia
In an alternate reality, a protective brother faces the truths about an intolerant society, incapable of acceptance. Will this family understand what it will take to see their indifference and change, or is this truly a nightmare?
Addict | 11m

Directed by Katrina Cebreiro
Gabby tries to help her boyfriend fight his addiction only to realize he’s not the only addict in their relationship. Her drug of choice: him.
Daniel | 12m

Directed by Antonio De La Cruz
Daniel the main character is stuck in a rental house in upstate New York waiting for someone to arrive.
Before the World Was Big | 9m

Directed by Juanita Umana
A young girl in an immigrant family comes face to face with the scarifies her mother has made for her.
Sweet Potatoes | 29m

Directed by Rommel Villa Barriga
1951, Mexico City. After synthesizing the main component of the contraceptive pill, young scientist Luis Miramontes deals with the religious and personal consequences of his groundbreaking invention.
Rizo | 14m

Directed by Jeanette Dilone
An Afro-Latina struggles with her identity as she navigates the Hollywood machine.
Quantum LOGOS (vision serpent) | 10m

Directed by Mark Chavez
Going beyond the limitations of classical logic this film uses images as poetry to represent the quantum world. Using cultural icons to create visual metaphors to explore, and discover; to communicate the counterintuitive, and contradictory beauty of quantum physics.
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