BLOCK 3 | Drama

I Wanna Dance With Somebody | Chachi | 4m

Directed by Aresmendi Merejo

Music Video
Piel Canela | 20m

Directed by Michelle Salcedo
A Cuban exile returns to her homeland in search of her daughter and unravels a secret that has haunted her ever since she left twenty years before.
The Fixer | 16m

Directed by Michael Schilf
THE FIXER is a crime, action, drama about an extorted Mafia enforcer who must partner with the femme fatale hired gun who murdered his wife in order to save his daughter and liberate himself from a sadistic Los Angeles crime boss.
Lost Oaths | 14m

Directed by Leo Rod
Two sisters struggle to keep up hope at a time of political and social turmoil. Oaths of love, friendship, and obsession circle their spirits awaiting to be collected.
Super Ma | 6m

Directed by Juan Gil
A struggling single mother yearns for stability and purpose. Caught in a moment of peril, she must unleash her inner hero and get home safely to her son.
Joyride | 13m

Directed by Edwin Alexis Gómez
Teenage Latina sisters break their grandmother out of her assisted living facility for one last joyride.
“Wham!” | 17m

Directed by Sandra Manzanares
Cold Sweat is a chilling coming-of-age anthology series about making it to high school in one piece.
In our first chapter, "Wham!", Aquila and Sadiquah are two of the best students at 362 MLK Middle School. But when their classmates begin to break out into mysterious rage episodes, the uninfected will have to find the courage to save their school. And their future.
Bonito Secrets | 6m

Directed by Blaine Morris
Tasked with finding the will of her mother after she dies, Mariana, a middle aged Latina woman, returns to their home but finds the memories of the past have become full hallucinations derailing her mental health.
The Terms of Us | 18m

Directed by Roberto Sanchez
Jose Garcia, a successful actor, has a chance encounter with a homeless woman who forces him to face his past.
El Paletero | 10m

Directed by Arturo Guzman
A young girl races through her neighborhood in desperate search for the last ice cream truck carrying a priceless treat…the GRAB BAG!
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