BLOCK 2 | Drama

El Camino | 5m

Directed by Ezequiel Martinez jr.

The realization of a song lyric by Bradley Randall about the unrequited love of a man on El Camino- the road from a lost love. The road is closed to a broken heart.
First They Came For My Mother | 8m

Directed by Rafael Alvarado

This is the story of Danni, a 14 year old girl who has to protect her little sister when her mother is captured by ICE. Danni has to execute the Emergency Plan her mother has trained her for in the case of this kind of situation. The first step of the plan is to go to her neighbours, Nena & Nova, a a couple of transgender women who will help her to find her mom.
Natal | 7m

Directed by Luisa Maria González

Set within a Mexican-American household during Christmas Day, Natal tells the story of Carlos, a young boy’s first encounter with heteronormative gender roles, and the confrontation between his father and uncle, who disagree on the implications of masculinity.
The Audition | 17m

Directed by Eric Liberacki

Tony Mendes is a Latino actor who doesn't fit the Hollywood stereotype. He has to go to great lengths to get casting directors to look beyond the surface to notice his talent.
Mijo | 9m

Directed by Erica Ortiz

A young child escapes their harsh reality through the power of their imagination.
City Lights | 18m

Directed by Uriel Brito

City Lights follows the stories of three very different Latinx millennials living in the Los Angeles greater area. Rosie, Berta and Paco come from different socio-economic backgrounds, generations, and Latinx background. Each one is dealing with a certain type of loss and yearns for some sense of belonging.
Izzy’s Demons | 7m

Directed by Greg Garay

Izzy is a person who struggles with the decision to reconnect with an old friend. As she gives into her jealousy for her friend’s success, she makes a decision that her subconscious does not let her get away with so easy. Her relationship with this person is splayed in front of her and she realizes that something isn’t adding up. Memories start taking a turn for the worse and she realizes why they aren’t talking to each other. Only when she confronts her anxieties can she be released from her subconscious.
1, 2, 3, All Eyes On Me | 15m

Directed by Emil Gallardo

When a crisis suddenly engulfs an elementary school campus, Ms. Leena, a determined art teacher, tries everything she can to save her frightened class.
Mi Alma | 9m

Directed by Nathalie Villarpando

A coming of age story that surrounds Alma who was raised in an American society, but roots deeply from her Latin culture represented by her mother Viviana. Struggling with her identity, Alma finds a way to combat her internal struggles through her multiple identities represented in her portraits.
Más Sabe El Diablo | 22m

Directed by Antonio Márquez, Max Dickter

A Latino teenager must face the dark realities of his rural community, and a mysterious supernatural force as he sets out to hunt a deadly mountain lion in this Southwestern coming of age fable.
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