BLOCK 10 | Comedy

Crónico | 3m

Directed by Claudia Calderón

During the 2020 worldwide quarantine, a young hip hop singer finds solace in marihuana. Crónico is a collage animation music video that explores the daily rituals of a man during these uncertain pandemic times, combined with fantasies that help him escape reality and even reimagine his own history.
Lessons From My Mother | 11m

Directed by Aurora Jimenez

After the loss of her father, a young girl navigates being there for her mother as she gradually loses hope on finding love again. Taking us on an unconventional journey the opposite side of love, chasing freshly widowed rich men.
She Is Me | 12m

Directed by Diana C. Carrasco

Best friends, D and Aimee, are 40-somethings at a concert trying to escape the realities of day-to-day life and have some fun. But an otherwise ordinary trip to the restroom reveals what’s really going on in each of their lives. It becomes a crossroads of strangers and friends who show us the camaraderie of women, our unnecessary insecurities and sometimes a reflection of who we are and who we may someday be. But for D, an unexpected encounter gives her what she needs most.
The Adventures of Spyder and Payaso | 10m

Directed by Richard Striebel

Two brothers find themselves in a situation where they have 48 hours get 50,000 dollars. If not they will lose grandma’s house.
My Friend Frida | 11m

Directed by Juan Rodriguez

In the web-series, “My Friend Frida,” a millennial Frida Kahlo tries to navigate life and all it’s modern social norms.
Tiny Laughs | 11m

Directed by Laura Edith Rivas

When a queer Latina architect meets a struggling Asian comic who’s just come out…as unemployed, their instant spark sends them on a humorous and heartwarming journey through the city of dreams.
Tinderbox | 14m

Directed by Rickey Larke

During a second Tinder date a socially awkward swain and a beautiful old soul find common ground, after she uses him to build her new bed.
DominicanYork Series | 10m

Directed by Michelle Ramirez

DominicanYork is an independent mini web series that dives into the lives of a crew of 8 millennials. Relationships are tested and identities are challenged as they deal with breakups, secrets, find their purpose, and weave through the duality of their Dominican and American upbringing.
The Girl Next Door | 19m

Directed by Donna Bonilla Wheeler

A prodigy musician trapped in a rural town fights for her freedom to achieve greatness.
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