La Pichaera Thumbnail
La Pichaera | MyVerse | 4m

Directed by MyVerse

“La Pichaera” is a party that ignores the naysayers. The visual concept for this music video is based on the popular Kermit the Frog meme used to express our positive and negative impulses when faced with real life situations. The human experience can be filled with many conflicting emotions. The message of this song is to trust your instincts and become your greatest self.
State of Grace Thumnail
State of Grace | 3m

Directed by Lourdes Portillo

Legendary Director Lourdes Portillo explores her relationship with a cancer related illness, her present, past and future and decided to turn the experience into an animated film.
Dreamer Thumbnail
Dreamer | 8m

Directed by Vergi Rodriguez, Diana Zollicofer

Lily Cruz, a DACA recipient, travels on a medical volunteer mission and upon returning to the USA a TSA agent isn’t so welcoming.
Princess Cut Thumbnail
Princess Cut | 21m

Directed by Elaine Del Valle

Worlds collide when Teresa and Elodie, two women from opposite sides of the tracks, wind up together in an all-night laundromat. Both struggling with the expectations and pressures of impending nuptials, an unlikely friendship is sprung. But when one is caught in a lie, relationships unravel into bloody murder.
Basta Thumbnail
Basta | 13m

Directed by Cecilia Albertini, Lesley Elizondo

Veronica was a 24 year old immigrant from El Salvador when she was sexually assaulted while working as a night janitor in Los Angeles. Thanks to her resilience and strength, she did not stay silent and created a grassroots movement to change the janitorial industry and fight its normalization of sexual abuse in the workplace.
Where is Lili Thumbnail
Where is Lilli? | 18m

Directed by Michelle Martinez

After LIlli gets lost in New York City she cross paths with a doubtful clown, unbeknownst to Lilli she helps the clown find a little bit of confidence
Trophies Thumbnail
Trophies | 13m

Directed by Angelica Rosas McDaniel

On a perfect Santa Barbara day the illustrious Amanda Cara sets her trophy husband about the task of getting her an “indoor tree” but he gets bombarded by his friend shaming him, her hot brother bullying him, a romantic threat to his marriage, his bank account drawing empty, and worst of all burnt cookies. He’s gotta suck it up and accomplish his trendy task despite his entire lifestyle being thrown into jeopardy.
Tampon Thumbnail
The Tampon | 11m

Directed by Erica Ortiz

Following a night of heavy drinking, an art student comes face to face with the complexities of consent in her college sorority through her art.
Señorita Thumbnail
Señorita | 8m

Directed by Paula Cajiao

An amateur female boxer on the rise fights against her opponents as she deals with her father’s alcoholism.
At Last Thumbnail
At Last | 13m

Directed by Lorena Gordon

A timid high school girl reveals her truth during the most important night of the year.
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